Junjou EGOIST FINAL PART 5 (Lemon)

Part 5. 

With all the madness going on that night, the two had completely forgotten that they were standing outside. Hiroki’s apartment door was still wide open, and they stood outside in the freezing cold winter’s night as a gust of wind blew past them into Hiroki’s apartment. Hiroki, who was wearing nothing but a thin shirt and a pair of khaki pants, was beginning to shiver aggressively. Although he was within Nowaki’s warm embrace, his fingers and toes had gone numb and his teeth started to chatter. His arms were laced with goose-bumps and his face was burning, not only from embarrassment, but also cold. Hiroki’s sudden violent shivering instantly grabbed Nowaki’s attention; he pushed Hiroki backward as he stepped forward into the apartment, kicking the door shut behind himself whilst still holding Hiroki in his arms. Hiroki looked up at Nowaki, and his red cheeks glowed prominently.

Hiroki: “Nowaki… I’m cold”

Nowaki: “Understood”

Nowaki picked up both of Hiroki’s hands, holding them together and pulling then up to his lips, cupping them firmly together. Nowaki slowly exhaled on Hiroki’s hands, his heated breath thawing Hiroki’s fingers and returning the flesh to its usual pinkish coloured state.

Nowaki: “I saw you that night you know…”

Hiroki: “Huh?”

Nowaki: “When you ran out of your apartment in search for me…I saw you.”

Hiroki pulled slightly away, confused and surprised.

Hiroki: “But… but I couldn’t see you…”

Nowaki: “When I was leaving, I turned left instead of right towards the stairs and hid behind the corner. I just couldn’t face you at that time…It made me so happy when I saw you search for me”

Hiroki: “IdioMhmm mmmhm”

Before Hiroki could utter another word, Nowaki had already stolen his breath again, laying his lips upon Hiroki’s and twisting their tongues around one another. Nowaki’s hands dropped Hiroki’s and instead his fingers dived through his untamed hair. Hiroki’s hands voluntarily grabbed onto Nowaki’s coat, sliding it off his broad shoulders, letting it land in a heap on the floor. 

Hiroki: “MHmm Hmm Mmm Mm”

Small gasps for air and sweet moans of desire escaped Hiroki’s mouth as Nowaki forced him back, pinning him to the wall. Nowaki’s right hand fell, venturing down along Hiroki’s body; his rough fingers swept down Hiroki’s arms and waist, sliding over the rise of his hips and continuing along the belt of his pants. His fingers were quick and nimble, easily slipping the end from the metal ring and deftly undoing the buckle, leaving the belt hanging from its loops. Nowaki’s fingers then popped the button from the tight hole, pinching the zipper and slowly sliding it down. His knuckles lightly pressing down along Hiroki’s hardening cock.

Nowaki: “Ah! Hiro-san’s being very honest… I haven’t even properly touched you yet and you’re already like this! ha ha ha!”

Hiroki cringed as Nowaki chuckled and patted the area he was referring to; his hands balled up into fists whilst still holding Nowaki’s shirt.


Nowaki smirked from the erotic expression Hiroki had plastered in his face. His jaw dropped and eyelids fluttered as Nowaki’s hand slid underneath his underwear.

Hiroki: “Ahh! Ha ha hah”

Nowaki’s cool fingers wrapped around Hiroki’s hot cock.

Hiroki: “Ahh… let’s….let’s not do this heMmmHm”

Hiroki’s protest was silenced as Nowaki’s rough lips grazed across Hiroki’s, his tongue sucking in Hiroki’s. Every few moments their lips parted, allowing the sound of gasps and moans to escape as Nowaki’s thumb began to rub over the tip of Hiroki’s penis. The sudden but pleasuring touch of Nowaki’s cold fingers had Hiroki’s gritting his teeth, tightening his grasp on Nowaki’s shirt, stretching it as he pulled himself in.

Nowaki: *humph* “Hiro-San is very cute”

Hiroki: “AHh! Sh..hah…SHUT UP!”

Nowaki held back his snicker as his hand began to slide up along Hiroki’s rod. 

His mouth emitted a thick, hot rush of breath, as Nowaki circled around the nape of Hiroki’s neck, making a string of love bites leading down, his tongue then sliding back up along the line and biting Hiroki’s ear as he continued to jerk him off.

Hiroki: “Ahh! Nowaki!…. I’m going to Hah! cu—m”

Nowaki again teased the end, encircling the circumference, his thumb rolling back and forth on the tip..

Hiroki: “AHHHHhhh!! *huff*huff*

Nowaki smirked, pleased with himself as Hiroki panted below, cum dripping white puddles onto the floor. Hiroki slowly fell to the floor, his hands weakening and fingers creating an invisible trail as they ran down Nowaki’s shirt.

Nowaki: “Uhh… is Hiro-San okay?”

Without a word Hiroki’s hand rose, fiddling with Nowaki’s pants’ button and pulling down the metal zip to reveal Nowaki’s throbbing bulge.

Nowaki: “Ahhh Hiro-san! You don’t have to do that!”

Hiroki ignored Nowaki as he began to manoeuvre the man’s pants down past his knees.

Nowaki: “Really! Hiro-san, are you sure you want to?”

Hiroki: “Just shut up!”

Nowaki: “I just don’t want you to force yourself…”

Hiroki: “Idiot! I wouldn’t force myself to do something like this”

Hiroki gently held Nowaki’s cock in his hand, engulfing the head within his mouth, his tongue continually rolling over the knob. Already he could hear Nowaki moan from above, biting his fist as he leaned against the wall. His tongue slid down Nowaki’s length, creating a thick layer of lubricating saliva. Nowaki’s groans of pleasure continued to sound, his eyes rolling back in his head. Feeling himself on the verge of climaxing, his fingers ran through Hiroki’s chocolate hair, tightly gripping it by the roots 

Nowaki: “Hah! Hiro-san I’m gonna—AHHh”

Nowaki pulled back, his cock rubbing along the roof of Hiroki’s mouth. Cum spurted inside, dripping onto the floor as Nowaki withdrew. Hiroki looked up at Nowaki, his scarlet cheeks burning as the white liquid dripped from his chin down his neck. Nowaki’s hands loosened their grip, leaving Hiroki’s hair ruffled and messy. With one hand Nowaki grabbed hold of his pants as the other latched onto Hiroki’s wrist, pulling him up off of the floor and dragging him towards the bedroom.


Ignoring Hiroki, Nowaki tugged at his wrist, pulling him in through the doorway, suddenly forcing his lips upon Hiroki’s. Their lips locked together as their tongues danced. Nowaki edged forward, forcing Hiroki to back into his bed, his knees suddenly buckling as he slowly fell back onto the mattresses with Nowaki following close behind, leaning over him as they continued make-out. Hiroki flinched at the sudden touch of Nowaki’s hand travelled around his waist, taking a hold of his pants; Hiroki voluntarily lifted his hips as Nowaki slid his pants down over the curve of his pale cheeks. Hiroki again jerked as one of Nowaki’s fingers slipped into him from behind, gasping for breath as Nowaki’s lips unwillingly pulled away. Hiroki reached up, grabbing onto Nowaki’s shirt and pulling it over his head, his fingers creeping back up, sliding along the contours of the man’s muscles. Having already unbuttoned his own shirt in the process, Nowaki’s tongue left a wet trail as it travelled down from Hiroki’s collarbone to his chest, sliding over his nipples as another finger was inserted. Nowaki began to pull his fingers in and out of Hiroki who panted below him, fondling the sensitive chest with his tongue, finally inserting the final third finger. The thrusts of Nowaki’s finger’s deepened, Hiroki’s blunt fingers digging into Nowaki and his calls of pleasure beginning to slur and his breaths becoming heavier and quicker. Nowaki had finally reached his limit after looking at Hiroki’s reddened erotic face. His lips pulled off of Hiroki’s pink chest, sitting up, he pulled out of Hiroki, shuffling his pants down to his knees and spreading Hiroki’s legs wider either side of him.

Nowaki: “Hiro-san, I’m going to enter now…”

Hiroki: *huff*huff* “Don’t say such embarrassing stuff! Just do it!”

Nowaki: “As you wish”

Without hesitation Nowaki thrusted deep into Hiroki who cried out as a sharp wave of pain ripped though him. Nowaki pulled out, continuing to thrust, deeper and deeper until Hiroki had completely enveloped him to the hilt.

Nowaki: “Hiro-san has completely sucked me in”

Hiroki: “…”

Nowaki continued to pull in and out, his pace fastening as his energy began to build up.

Hiroki: “AHH! Hahh! Hah..SLOW DOWN IDIOT!”

Nowaki: “Later”

Hiroki: “WHA-..! MMMHMM MMhmmm mm”

Nowaki’s tongue slipped into Hiroki’s mouth adventuring deep into his crevices. Saliva slipped from the corners of their mouths, streaming down their chins, both Hiroki and Nowaki continuously gasped for air as they neared orgasm. Nowaki dripped a thick line of saliva onto Hiroki’s quivering cock, his hand slicking back and forth along it as Hiroki felt himself continue to build up.

Hiroki: “AHH HAH AHhh!.. No..Nowa..ki..! I’m going to AHH hah.. cu…cum!”

Nowaki: “HMmmhMm.. Me..ahh..too”

The two voice harmonised as they both cried out in ecstasy. Hiroki’s back arching as he spurted the white semen, streaming over Nowaki and himself as Nowaki came inside him. Nowaki slowly pulled out of him, panting, and fell onto the bed beside Hiroki. Their chests rose and fell out of time as they attempted to catch their breath, resting their bodies after the exhausting workout

Nowaki: “Hiro-san… you really are amazing…Hiro-san?”

Nowaki turned his head, a warm smile appearing on his face as he watched the tired Hiroki sleeping besides him. His lips parted still catching his breath as he dozed.

Nowaki: Maybe I over did it with him…

Nowaki pulled Hiroki’s pants back up as well as he could and grabbed the blanket from the sofa, throwing it over him. His warm hands caressed Hiroki’s forehead, fingers running though his thick hair as he leaned in and pecked his lover on the forehead. Slipping under the bed sheets besides him, Nowaki cuddled up to Hiroki, his arm reaching over as he continued to stoke Hiroki’s hair until he drifted off to sleep.



Hiroki: “NOWAKI!”

Hiroki’s eyes shot open as he suddenly awoke from his sleep. His torso sprang up from the bed, twisting as he looked around the room. His heart raced from the sudden awakening.

Nowaki: “Ohayou, Hiro-san…”

Hiroki looked down at voice calling from below to see Nowaki yawning, his muscles flexing as he stretched, his arms reaching high and fingers sprawled out as his joints popped and cracked. Hiroki breathed a sigh of relief at seeing Nowaki lying beside him.

Nowaki: “Bad dream?”

Hiroki: “I… don’t remember”

He told a white lie; it was true he couldn’t remember any of the dream, except for the echoing ringing of Nowaki saying goodbye to him at their previous meeting.

Hiroki: “Why did you say goodbye?”

Nowaki: “Hmm?”

Hiroki: “Why did you leave that night?”

Hiroki looked down, his hair hanging in front of his face as his grip tightened on the blanket around his hips. Nowaki lay on his back looking up at the grey ceiling, his finger scratching his scalp as he thought about how to word his answer.

Nowaki: “I didn’t want to force myself on you again…”

Hiroki: “Force yourself?”

Hiroki’s head turned, confused and interested in where Nowaki was going with his response.

Nowaki: “I didn’t want it to turn out like last time where we had sex and then woke up to an awkward situation. I wanted you to choose for yourself whether it was going to be goodbye forever or not…”

Hiroki: “How could you be so sure though!? What if I hadn’t come by your work yesterday!?”

Nowaki: “Then I was prepared to accept that.”

Hiroki’s gaze was still set on Nowaki as he continued to look up at the roof with his arms folded behind his head. His head twisted to face Hiroki, his eyes glistening from the morning light as his dark lashes batted. The sides of his mouth curved up, showing his cheesy grin and white teeth. With a soft, gentle tone to his deep voice he said was an upbeat inflection…

Nowaki: “But that doesn’t matter now that we’re lovers.. huh? Hiro-san”

Hiroki’s cheeks turned a brilliant red and his expression was somewhere between surprise and embarrassment. He flicked his head to the side, avoiding eye contact, his eyes widening again as Nowaki called from behind him.

Nowaki: “ Hiro-san…I love you… I really do love Hiro-san!”

Hiroki turned his head back to Nowaki, revealing his flushed face with an aggravated expression and tone…

Hiroki: “Quit saying it so many times! Once is enough”


Hiroki felt his pants vibrate, reaching in and grabbing his phone from his pocket, he turned it over to see Akihiko’s name flashing up on the screen.

Nowaki: “Who is it?”

By the expression on Hiroki’s face, Nowaki could tell who it was, kicking his legs over the side of the bed and zipping his pants up from being undone the previous night.

Hiroki: “I don’t have to answer it”

Nowaki: “You should answer it… I’ll go make some coffee”

Nowaki walked over kissing Hiroki on the forehead before turning the corner out of the room. Hiroki blushed and couldn’t help notice once again Nowaki’s toned figure and the way his back muscles shifted as he walked. The annoying ring drew his attention back to the phone, so he tapped the green ‘answer’ symbol and held the phone up to his ear.

Hiroki: “Hello?”…

Hiroki exited the room into the kitchen where the strong essence of coffee infiltrated his senses. Nowaki couldn’t help but notice his fading red cheeks and also couldn’t stop himself from asking about their conversation.

Nowaki: “So what did he want?”

Hiroki: He asked for approval to use me in one of his books again…”

Nowaki: “And…?”

Hiroki: “I declined his offer”

Nowaki: “Was that all? You were talking to him for an awfully long time”

Hiroki: “H_ al__ _sk _bou_ y__”

Hiroki mumbled, turning his head as he poured himself a mug of coffee adding a single teaspoon of sugar.

Nowaki: “What was that?”


Nowaki: “HUH!? What did you say!?”

Hiroki: “Told him the truth of course!”

Nowaki: “You told him we were going out!?”

Nowaki gave a gleeful smile grabbing hold of Hiroki from behind and hugging him, his long arms wrapping around Hiroki as he squeezed him, resting his chin on top of Hiroki’s head.

Hiroki: “OF COURSE NOT! I told him I was your tutor!”

Nowaki: “HUUUH!!? But that’s only half the truth! HIRO-SAAANNN!”


Nowaki: “Well then… “

Nowaki peered over his shoulder as Hiroki looked up, curious to the unsettling change in Nowaki’s tone.

Nowaki: “…Please teach me sensei!”

Nowaki nibbled on Hiroki’s ear, making Hiroki blush a deep crimson red as he attempted to pull away from Nowaki’s strong hold on him.


Akihiko and Hiroki’s phone conversation:

Akihiko: “So… are you and that guy… you know…”

Hiroki: “That’s none of your business!”

Akihiko: “Your tone makes it all the more easy to read you…


Akihiko: “Good luck”

Their conversation paused, and Hiroki felt relieved Akihiko couldn’t see his burning red face at the time.

Hiroki: “Th…Thank you.”

Akihiko: “We’ll then I’ll talk to you later. Seeya”

Hiroki: “Bye.”




Written by: Aki
Edited by: Ari

NEXT: Kisa Shouta x Yukina Kou! SO i don’t know when this next one will begin to get published but I’ve got one more day of holidays and then back to school >.< Then.. EXAMS! ;W;
So I’ll tell you the plot for it then to get you guys started…
—> One of Yukina’s relatives comes to visit (Not saying what kind of relative) and Yukina tries to set things up so that he can introduce Kisa to them but since Kisa is like ALWAYS busy things just never work out so the relative ends up going to see Kisa instead XD That’s all im telling you otherwise i think I’d spoil the surprise! WOOOOOH looking forward to writing it!!!!

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12 thoughts on “Junjou EGOIST FINAL PART 5 (Lemon)

  1. OMG that was the best egoist lemon ever, you should write BL novels in real life because u did such a amazing job, keep up the great work.
    From your biggest fan sa-chan

    • SHARE THE LOVEEEE! Ahh but it was a really good idea! I JUST HAD TO USE IT… Want to know more about what it’s about or your happy knowing what I’ve written out already?

  2. Um I really don’t mind knowing a bit more about the fanfic, let me know if u need help with it okay, thanks ur biggest fan sa-chan
    p.s Im just asking this but I would love to be admin for ur page and I completely understand if don’t let be one.

    • First, Sorry, but Hush n I aren’t currently looking for any admins right now but THANKYOU for showing ur interest!
      Second: so it’s Yukinas brother and since he hasn’t got a name I made one up for him, Akane which means bright red so he automatically doesn’t like Kisa because Kisa is always busy and he is 9 yrs older than Kou which makes him suspicious so yeah ill leave a surprise out so you’ll have more fun when u read it 😀

  3. Oh that fine and thanks for the more info on the fanfic, I love the name Akane by the way so cute 😃oh oh I got a another idea for ur fanfic what if Akane and kisa went to the same uni or Akane was one of kisa old one nighter back when they were young because they are the same age after all, let me know if you have any thoughts on these ideas thanks.
    Ur biggest fan sa-chan

  4. Hah! Another awesome ending to a great BL fan fic. Bravo! Encore~
    You should really consider publishing your own books into your list of ambitions for the near future.
    Because really, you’ll be the next ”Great Usami-sensei” !
    People will be lining up for your books! Especially your keen taste for hot lemons ❤
    It's true what they say,
    If you got lemons, then make lemonade~
    Really looking forward for the YukinaxKisa pairing.
    A job well done.

    • >\\\\< I seriously don't know about publishing my own books and i think usagi-san will forever be above me in the charts but I'm really glad you like the lemon! Hhaha indeed I love to make lemonade 😛
      And glad to hear ur looking forward to the meat chapter!

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